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  Welcome to our website and thank you for inquiring about becoming a crafter and/or artist at the Old Anderson House Craft Shop and Art Gallery (OAH).  We are a women's co-operative staffed by volunteers and operating throughout the tourist season, mid-May through mid-October. 

   New crafters and artists are always welcome any time throughout the season.  We accept items up to mid September.  We are able to accept your crafts and art during open hours, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., FIVE days a week, Wednesday through Sunday.

The OAH takes your work in on a commission.  Our commission is 30% of the selling price of your product, with the exception of quilts.  In order to support the art of quilting and quilters, we charge a flat rate of $75.00 when a quilt is sold.  The mark-up is used to cover expenses in the shop, advertising, and to ensure start-up capital for the next year.  The 30% mark-up is applied to baby quilts and lap quilts.

We do one pay-out at the end of the season.  This year, our last day of business is Thanksgiving Sunday. We are then closed for approximately 10 days during which time we prepare your cheques and package your unsold goods. 

Crafters who become volunteers and who work a minimum of 80 hours in the shop qualify for a 50% reduction in our commission (from 30 % down to 15%).


You will need to bring two inventory lists when you bring in your work.  Keep one copy for your records.  This list should describe each item and clearly quote the selling price, i.e. the price for which you expect your goods to be sold to the public.  Our volunteers will take 30% of the selling price, which is the commission that will go to the Old Anderson House.

Please bring in no more than six like items.  Our space is limited and we can display only so many items.  We try to ensure that your product is displayed to its best effect. Our volunteers will make every effort to call you when your stock is getting low.  We welcome your calls of enquiry and our volunteers are happy to answer any questions.

Please put sizes on quilts (dimensions and whether it is a twin, double, queen, or king), sweaters and clothing.  Include care instructions where applicable.

Please remove all tags from your items.  We do not display crafters' tags except for care instruction.

Thank you for your enquiry.  We are always looking for new crafters' and artists' work from our area.

If you have any questions, please call the shop at 1-902-889-3099 during open hours, or email:

 One of the volunteers will be happy to help you.



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